Friday, February 21, 2014

Throwaways: An Heroic Crown of Sonnets ~ now for sale!

Chapbook now on sale!

Here it is!

For those that missed my poem-a-day challenge last June, as part of a fund raising challenge for Tupelo Press, my first heroic crown of sonnets has been published by MollyDog Press and is available for purchase, only $10!

These sonnets, written and revised in a day and inspired by terms from Brewer's Dictionary of Modern Phrase & Fable, bounce along in experiments of sound and rhythm. They gyrate they cough. Sometimes it gets kinda lewd. That's okay. You see, they are Throwaways.

In a lovely little book, designed and printed and bound by local hands, including a handsome cover art by local Portland artist Allison DeWilde, you'll enjoy reading and rereading good old fashioned post modern American poetry.

Here is a sample poem, for free:

xii. [lover's acronyms]

Seek recourse true and artless able craft,
seek location's counterfeit corner-code,
I'm for BURMA from EGYPT's twining road.
Too far to hear the near-naught half hurt laugh

or the open stomach of I MISS YOU.
When pressed, the ink between letters gives way,
lovers' acronyms caught in fine array
tell dirt, tell sway, in seeking shall you view

a word's wanton coil cleaved, a refrained fate,
recall to love a meaning, a word a freight,
to skin and buckle, its fixed figure staffed.

Telling to us a longing for to find,
a motto rented, a found song refined,
the Janus words leap to fuse forth and graft. 

As this is a continuation of a fundraising effort, 20% of all sales go to Tupelo Press. The rest helps me continue to write poetry, and especially submit my professional poems to literary journals and contests that require an entry fee.

Chapbooks are also for sale at Wallace Books, in southeast Portland, Oregon. 

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